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We’re often asked how much it costs to travel through Thailand for a month. Not an easy question to answer, as everyone has different budgets. All we can do is give an indication of our own expenses while in Thailand. So if you want to know how much we spend on average, how we save money and what we spend too much on, read on!

Food & Drink in Thailand

Eating out for an entire month in Thailand can be really cheap, especially if you eat street food. It’s possible to order an entire meal for just 40 baht. Those meals include rice with an omelet or chicken noodle soup.

In addition, there are the tourist areas where there’s an extensive array of affordable, hip restaurants that serve both Thai and Western food. What you spend on food and drink in Thailand depends on where you eat and what you order. Which is why the prices (per person) mentioned below are generous estimates:

Western breakfast with bread, omelet, and coffee: 200 Thai Baht.
Street food plus drink: 80 Thai Baht.
Dinner at a good restaurant including drinks: 300 Thai Baht.
Snacks at the 7-Eleven: 80 Thai Baht.

So food and drink expenses in Thailand are roughly 700 Thai Baht per person, per day.

Tip: Step into a random local restaurant and be amazed at the flavors and the prices!
Green curry with roti

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Hotel stay in Thailand

Hotel stays in Thailand are often very cheap, especially compared to the west. Let’s assume that you would like to stay in a nice location, in a clean room that’s comfortable, though not necessarily luxurious, and that you’d like a private bathroom, a wifi connection and perhaps a couple of perks.

We usually stay in a double room that’s air-conditioned for 1000 Thai Baht per night. In the north, this amount will buy you a lot of comforts, whereas hotel prices in the south are a lot higher. A hotel on the beach can easily cost three times the average price.

Sharing a double room, we spend about 500 Thai Baht per person, per night, in Thailand.

Cocopalm Resort, Koh Samui

You can stay at the Cocopalm Resort on Koh Samui from 1250 Thai Baht a night!

How much does transportation cost in Thailand?

Transportation costs in Thailand depend on the speed with which you travel. You can choose the slow, local bus or a more comfortable bus with air conditioning. The difference is about 200 Thai Baht. But if you prefer to save on time rather than money, the fast option is the best.

The fast option isn’t always the most expensive one. We regularly take domestic flights and sleeper trains that travel distances of hundreds, if not thousands, of kilometers. On the other hand, to get to that sunny island your only option might just be going by speedboat, which generally costs at least 1,000 Thai Baht. Sometimes there’s just no getting around it.

There will be days on which you’ll spend barely anything on transportation, while on others you’ll spend a little more. On average, we spend 300 Thai Baht per person, per day, on transportation in Thailand.

Tip: Check 12goAsia if you would like to know how to get from A to B.

Local bus in Thailand

Additional expenses in Thailand

Additional expenses could include guided tours, entrance fees, personal hygiene, Thai massages, transaction costs when using the ATM, etc.

It’s particularly easy to save money on guided tours. It’s so much fun (and so easy!) to organize your own trips. Arrange your own transportation – there are more than enough taxis around – and decide on your own times. This is a great way to save money and be adventurous as well. That’s a great experience in itself!

It’s hard to estimate how high expenses will be, but expect to pay at least 500 Thai Baht per person, per day.

Tip: Save money by bringing bank notes (for example € 500) from home. Exchange these at the Super Rich exchange office at Bangkok’s airport. It’s a good way to avoid high transaction fees and it will save you at least 1000 Thai Baht. Check out our new, extensive blog post on exchanging money in Thailand!
Cycyling the streets of Chinatown, Bangkok

Don’t save on all guided tours though! You can’t visit Bangkok without going on a guided tour of the city by bike with Co van Kessel. Photo credit: Reisjunk.nl

Total cost of travel in Thailand

Your average daily expenses in Thailand will come to around 2000 Thai Baht per person, per day. It could be a lot more expensive, but also a lot cheaper.

And with 2000 Thai Baht you can do a ton of fun stuff. Like, for instance, go on bike tours, have dinner in a nice restaurant or an evening drink at a special place.

But you can also choose the less expensive option and live like a local. It’s completely up to you!

The south of Thailand is more expensive.


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