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The Emerald Pool and Blue Pool are two unique sights in the Krabi province. It’s a perfect day trip for families, hikers and nature lovers. Dive into the crystal clear water of the Emerald Pool and be amazed at the beauty of the Blue Pool!

Krabi’s Emerald Pool

In high spirits we set out on our motorbikes to the Emerald Pool. Armed with swimwear and a towel from the hotel, we were ready for the long drive (about 50km from Krabi Town).

We did not however take a 20 kilometer detour into account…

The road to the Emerald Pool from Krabi Town is perfectly marked – until you are almost there. Without any warning, all signage to the ‘Emerald Pool’ disappears. The name gradually changed to ‘Chrystal Pond’ or the Thai name: ‘Sa Morakot’. Because we were so well prepared (not), we totally missed these signs… until eventually we ran into a friendly local that pointed us in the right direction.

Emerald Pool – A natural swimming pool

Once we arrived we parked our motorbikes and walked to the entrance. The surroundings are beautiful, with waterfalls, trees, and the buzz of the jungle – a perfect place to relax!

From the entrance you have to walk another kilometer before you arrive at the Emerald Pool. The water was calm so we took a dip straight away.

Entrance to the Emerald Pool in KrabiMariska at the Emerald Pool in KrabiEmerald Pool in KrabiThe water felt strange, but in a good way. With every stroke it’s just like thick cream is slipping between your fingers, due to the minerals in the water – which are supposedly great for your skin. One warning though: do not open your eyes underwater, because it burns like hell!

The Blue Pool

We followed the water upstream to find the source of the Emerald Pool.

This led to an established path which had to be relatively new. On Tripadvisor I read about a challenging hike over an impassable path, but this one looked excellent.

Emerald Pool in KrabiSign to the Blue Pool in KrabiAfter 15 minutes we arrived at the Blue Pool. We caught our first glimpses of the beautiful blue shades of water – which was insanely beautiful. The pool was surrounded by dense jungle, with the usual jungle soundtrack playing in the background.

To get the perfect picture I had to get closer and closer to the pool, and Mariska was nervous that I might fall into the water. Overall, we really enjoyed the tranquil atmosphere of this unique spot!

Blue Pool in KrabiThe Blue Pool is the source of the Emerald Pool and it is deeper than it looks. It is filled with drift sand, so absolutely no swimming is allowed!

After reading the sign everyone will clap their hands. This results in some vibration, causing air bubbles to escape from the bottom and rise to the surface of the pool. This is what the sign said:

Information sign of the Blue Pool in KrabiEmerald Pool & Blue Pool

The combination of the two pools makes for a fun day out for all ages, as you can enjoy a lovely swim in the outdoors. What more could you want? The pool all to yourself perhaps?!

On the way back (± 1:00 PM) we noticed that it was getting crowded, so get there as early as you can!

Swimming at the Emerald Pool in KrabiSwimming at the Emerald Pool in KrabiDon’t forget to take good hiking boots along. You’ll walk a few miles to reach the pools, and in some places it is very slippery. There are no change-room facilities available, so be well prepared. There are some benches around the Emerald Pool where you can leave your stuff.

  • Entrance fee: 200 baht for adults, 100 baht for children
  • Opening hours: 08:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Please note: The Blue Pool is closed between May and November due to the rainy season.

Best Hotels Krabi & Ao Nang

Ban Sainai Resort, Krabi

Ban Sainai Resort - $$

We believe Ban Sainai Resort is the pearl of Krabi. It’s a wonderful resort with different (family) bungalows. The outdoor pool is a great perk, as are the resort’s employees, who were some of the friendliest and most attentive we’ve come across!

Rambuttri Village, Krabi

Rambuttri Village - $$$

Luxurious Beyond Resort Krabi is Krabi’s tropical paradise. It has a private beach, an outdoor swimming pool, a gym and a restaurant. The rooms have modern interiors and come with views of the garden, the swimming pool or the sea.

Would you like to take a dip?


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