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Koh Ngai (pronounced as Koh Hai) is one of Thailand’s most romantic islands. The island has no roads, no cars or motorbikes; only a handful of luxury resorts and, really, just a single long stretch of white sandy beach. Unsurprisingly, places like Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta are far more popular as there just isn’t a whole lot to do on Koh Ngai. This is where you come to rest and unwind. Welcome to paradise, welcome to Koh Ngai!

Taking the boat to Koh Ngai

Koh Ngai is part of the Trang group of islands, located southeast of Krabi. Besides Koh Ngai, the other two islands making up this group of tropical island paradises are Koh Kradan and Koh Mook.

We visited Koh Ngai last year. Traveling from Koh Lanta, the boat ride alone was spectacular. Lying stretched out on the deck of an old ferry – there were only a few people on board – we had an amazing view of the entire landscape.

As we were marveling at the huge cliffs rising up from the surface of the water, local fishermen passed us by on their boats. Koh Lanta disappeared from our view and was replaced by Koh Ngai. Wow!

Long tail boat @Koh Ngai.

Photo credit: Girlslove2travel.com

Arrival on Koh Ngai

The arrival was a little less idyllic than expected. We were dropped off at the old pier, near a resort that was completely deserted.

Because the island has no roads, the best way to get to where you’re staying is by long tail boat. However, we chose the more adventurous (i.e. cheaper) option and went by jungle trail, which eventually led us to a white sandy beach.

It’s so beautiful here!

Koh Ngai PierFrom the pier it's a though hike through the jungle - Koh Ngai

Koh Ngai is a paradise in Trang

Photo credit: Jaturunp

Paradise Beach

Koh Ngai’s major attraction is three kilometers long Paradise Beach, perfect for enjoying sand, sea, and sun.

And best of all; you can go snorkeling straight off the beach. Besides the colorful fishes, we spotted some starfish we hadn’t seen before in Thailand.

We also managed to see some great hornbills fly past while on the beach. Amazing!

Koh Ngai

Photo credit: Home is where your bag is

A great hornbillStarfish at Koh Ngai

Exploring the island

Other things to do?

Nothing, Nada, Zilch!

No surprise then that after a day of lazing about, we were a bit fed up. But that was mainly because we were staying in the cheapest (and worst) bungalows on the island.

So we set out on the jungle trail, which led us to the deserted southwestern part of the island. After a half an hour hike, we ended up in a field with hundreds of palm trees. The only thing missing from this picture is a blue sky.

A little later, we arrived at a deserted beach with bungalows that had fallen into disrepair. They’d been empty for a while. What a shame, the location is beautiful.

Palmtrees surrounding the deserted Koh Ngai Paradise ResortA deserted beach on Koh Ngai

Get away from it all

Koh Ngai is where you go to get away from it all.

For travelers who have a little more money to spend and would like to stay at a fancy resort on the beach and for everyone that likes to go snorkeling straight off the beach.

It’s definitely not a backpackers’ island. There’s a not a great deal to do during the day; let alone at night, after sunset.

Rest and relaxation.

These are the words that best describe Koh Ngai!

Sunset at Koh Ngai

Photo credit: Bjoern

Best time to travel to Koh Ngai

The best time to travel to Koh Ngai is from November to April.

During these months, a boat leaves from Saladan Pier on Koh Lanta every day (10:30 AM). Click here to book your tickets online!

During the months of May through to October, the island is still accessible, but tickets can only be bought on the spot. A lot of accommodations will be closed as well, and it might rain quite a bit. But even the rainy season will see some sunny days.

Have you ever been to Koh Ngai? What did you think of it?


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