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Climbing to the Tiger Cave Temple, which is located on a limestone cliff that’s 600 meters high, can be quite a challenge. But it’s totally worth it! To experience a spectacular view of Krabi’s magical landscape at the top during sunset, we recommend setting off in the late afternoon. Oh… and don’t forget to bring a flashlight for the descent. Chances are you’ll need it!

Tiger Cave Temple

It was already late in the afternoon when we decided to climb the Tiger Cave Temple, so we had to hurry. The idea was to make our way through Krabi Town’s busy traffic by motorbike. While in traffic, I unintentionally inhaled the gases coming from the exhaust pipes of various roaring mopeds, old buses and whirring motorbikes.

In addition, the sweltering afternoon sun made the six kilometer trip from Krabi Town to the Tiger Cave Temple quite unpleasant. When I arrived at the foot of the 600 meter mountain, I felt like I had all the fitness of a chain smoker.

It's a climb to the top of the Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi

Photo credit: Victor Martin

More than a thousand grueling steps!

It was half past four and the only thing separating us from watching the sunset on top of the mountain was a mere 1,237 steps. These weren’t your average steps either, they were big, requiring you to jump in order to advance. Similar to the steps at Wat Arun in Bangkok.

Still, we embarked on the climb in good spirits. We started climbing each step, one by one. Before we knew it, we got into the flow of things and managed to get… a quarter of the way there. Out of breath and sweating like pigs, we’d reached step 353 and still had a long way to go.

Are you ready for the 1,237 steps to the top? Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi

Worth the effort

We reached the “top” of the Tiger Cave Temple at around a quarter past five and instantly forgot about all the effort it had taken to get there. We made it! The sun colored our faces orange while the mountainous landscape slowly retreated into the shade. It was all worth it.

There are no actual tigers at the Tiger Cave Temple. The name stems from a monk by the name of Ajahn Jumneaneen, who observed a tiger roaming around at a couple meters distance from where he was, whilst meditating in the cave underneath the temple mountain.

Enjoying the view from the Tiger Cave Temple in KrabiView from the Tiger Cave Temple in KrabiBeautiful sunset from the Tiger Cave Temple in KrabiDragon ornaments at the Tiger Cave Temple in KrabiGuards of some sort at the Tiger Cave Temple in KrabiBhudda statue at the summit of the Tiger Cave Temple in KrabiBhudda heads at the Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi

Back to Krabi

On top of a mountain, high up in an airplane or on a viewpoint in the middle of the jungle: it’s during these moments you’re able to gain true perspective, which always brings with it a feeling of immense freedom and pride!

Tiger Cave Temple in KrabiKrabi Town from a distance

The euphoric atmosphere was dampened fairly quickly, however, when it hit us we had to descend those same 1,237 steps. The sun had already set, turning the way back into something of a survival quest. That’s not even mentioning all the monkeys wandering around, waiting for just the right moment to inspect the insides of our rucksack.

Fun? No. An experience? Definitely! Start the climb on time? Yes! Start the descent on time? YES!

Despite the “bloodthirsty” monkeys and the “heroic” climb and descent, we would recommend this to anyone!

Catching the sunset from the Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi

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When are you on top of the Tiger Cave Temple?


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