Hi! We are Sander & Mariska

A beautiful home,well-paying jobs, and lots of friends… we had it all. But we still felt that itch; that need for adventure, wanting to break free and doing something completely different. Then suddenly it came to us: we’re going to Thailand and we’re going to build the best, most fun, most complete website about Thailand there is: Go To Thailand!

In 2014 we said goodbye to our jobs, sold all of our belongings and left for Thailand indefinitely. We didn’t have any fixed plans, “We’ll figure it out when we get there”, we told our friends and family – who admired us, but also thought we were nuts. We followed our hearts and did everything possible to realize our dreams.

After a few years and a lot of hard work, determination and living as frugally as possible, we finally achieved our dream. At the moment, we spend about six months of the year traveling around Thailand, in search of the best travel tips. The other six months are spent at our home in The Netherlands, working out how to incorporate our findings into the website.

We hope you’ll enjoy our travel stories and tips, and that they will help make your trip to Thailand even better!

About Sander

Elementary school teacher, fiery storyteller, sports enthusiast, and adventurer.

Why not take a risk and go your own way? Be courageous, take that step and see what happens. Experience true freedom and be your own boss. Just because you can!

Personally, I love it when people tell me I can’t do something, that something’s impossible. When they say “Be an adult and start living real life”. But the beauty is that anything is possible. You can achieve anything you want, as long as you’re committed and believe in yourself. Pretty cliché, right?

I like to prove people wrong by doing the exact opposite of what’s expected. Things like going on beautiful trips, organizing my own “working” hours and grabbing opportunities.

And why do we spend so much time in Thailand? Because it’s somewhere you can literally be and do anything you want. Amazing!

About Mariska

I’ve always had the travel bug. Before our great Thai adventure, I worked as an editor for a tour operating company. During my studies, I worked at a check-in counter at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

When we’re not traveling, my favorite things to do are reading a good book, having lunch with my girlfriends, and cook vegetarian & vegan food. Also, I try to keep in shape by going to the gym.

When in Thailand I love riding around on a motorbike. I always keep an eye out for that one golden tip: the nicest guest house or the best restaurant – something which obviously cannot be left untested. Gimme that pad see ew!

Sander always jokes that I’m not a real traveler. He might be right, as I’m not entirely averse to some luxury. A night bus or a cheap hostel… no, thanks! I’d rather hop on a domestic flight or stay at a hotel with a swimming pool. However, I do love exchanging the Dutch rain for the Thai sunshine. Now, what’s wrong with that?!

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Crossing around Koh Chang
Sander Hillegers
Mariska at Koh Chang Noi
Sander Hillegers
Mariska van Brederode