Thai Climate and Best Time to Visit

Thailand has a tropical climate with an average annual temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. Sun, sea, beach, swaying palm trees, drinking coconut juice with a light breeze through your hair on one of its many tropical islands; it sounds really cheesy, but Thailand can be like that!

The Thai climate is divided into three seasons:

November until February:
The cool season: Thailand’s main tourist season, due to the ideal weather conditions and agreeable climate. It rarely rains this time of year and it’s sunny. Nature is vibrant and green – the rainy season has only just ended.

March until June:
The hot season: The cool season makes way for the dry hot season with average afternoon temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius. Plan your day trips in the morning and late afternoon to avoid the worst of the heat. Good places to cool down are swimming pools or the sea.

July until August:
The rainy season: this period is marked by heavy rainfall, which usually doesn’t last more than an hour a day. In between showers, it tends to be cloudy with the occasional flourish of sunshine. Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of the rainy season here →

Thai Climate - Sander in Krabi

Best time to visit Thailand

For many travelers, the cool season, November until February, is the best time to travel to Thailand. Conditions are perfect this time of year, with its cloudless days and clear and calm waters. It barely rains and nature is at its most beautiful: a vibrant and lush green.

When the high season is in full swing certain locations can be quite busy. A cheap alternative is traveling during the rainy season, June to October (with the exceptions of early July and early August, which mark the start of European school holidays). It will also be less busy and as it’s the low season, things like transport, accommodation and guided tours are a lot cheaper.

Just be aware that it will almost certainly rain (heavily) every day. Check out our monthly weather overview for every Thai region below.

Monthly weather overview

January May September
February June October
March July November
April August December