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Pack your beach gear and get on your motorbike, because we’re going to Koh Chang! The second largest island of Thailand lies in the east, right by the Cambodian border, and is blessed with sparkling bays, clear water, white sand, palm trees and dense jungle. After spending a full week on this amazing island, we can only conclude one thing: Koh Chang is an amazing beach destination for everyone!

1. Wai Chaek Beach

At number one of our top-10 most beautiful beaches in Koh Chang is an absolute gem that you simply must visit!

“WOW!” – What a tropical paradise!

Hidden in the far south of the island is Wai Chaek Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches we have ever seen. There is nothing here except dense jungle, a secluded beach full of palm trees, and a small, blue lagoon within the mangrove forest.

All in all, it’s a fantastic beach to spend the day… if you know how to find it!

You have to drive down the entire east coast to get to Wai Chaek Beach. The last section is over a dirt road so some motorbike skills are required. You can also cheat and try to arrange a boat ride from Klong Kloi Beach.

Peace and quiet - Wai Chaek Beach on Koh ChangPerfectly happy at Wai Chaek Beach on Koh ChangCrossing around Koh Chang

2. Klong Kloi Beach (Bang Bao Beach)

Koh Chang’s most laid back beach is Klong Kloi Beach, also known as Bang Bao Beach.

At Klong Kloi the atmosphere is chilled and laid-back; precisely what we love. The beach is a little developed and has some restaurants and affordable bungalows. We especially recommend it for travelers who are partied-out and want to relax on the beach for a few days. However, you’ll also find families with children enjoying the beach life.

In all honesty – there isn’t much to do at Klong Kloi. During the day rent a SUP, and in the evening you can enjoy a cold beer at Mr. T’s reggae bar while enjoying some Bob Marley classics. A great end to a great day!

Klong Kloi Cottage and the neighboring Bangbao Beach Resort have the nicest bungalows on the beach.

Striking a pose at Klong Kloi Beach on Koh ChangGo supping at Klong Kloi Beach on Koh ChangSunset at Klong Kloi Beach on Koh Chang

3. Long Beach

Long Beach is a gem in the southeast of Koh Chang.

This beach is slightly more developed than our number one, Wai Chaek Beach. There are a handful of basic bungalows with shared bathrooms (200-300 baht per night), and you’ll find an excellent restaurant for the necessary fruit shakes and plates of fried rice. Ideal to satisfy cravings between tanning sessions!

We don’t recommend staying in one of the bungalows, but it’s still a very nice place to spend a few hours. You can get to Long Beach by motorbike or taxi, thanks to a newly constructed asphalt road which makes the beach easily accessible.

During the rainy season (June-October) a lot of waste flushes onto the beach, making it a less desirable hangout place than during the cool season (November-March).

Long Beach Resort on Koh ChangLong Beach on Koh Chang

4. Kai Bae Beach

With its swaying palms and beautiful sand Kai Bae Beach fulfills all the clichés. The beach is ideal for families, but also suitable for party lovers – as Lonely Beach is just one beach away.

A great place to sleep is Porn’s Bungalows with various types of bungalows on the beach. The accompanying restaurant is also recommended with good food and fantastic views.

Unfortunately, there is one downside to this beach. During the day baby elephants are walking around. For a fee, you can pose for a photo or swim with them – it sounds cute, but it is not!

Rent a kayak and paddle for 15-20 minutes to the opposite, uninhabited island of Koh Man Nai.

Swinging at Kai Bae Beach en Koh ChangKai Bae Beach on Koh Chang

5. Lonely Beach

Lonely Beach is the ‘party place to be’ and is adored by backpackers. It’s a perfect place for a chilled day on the beach while sipping on a few coconuts.

In the nearby village (Lonely Beach Town) you will find plenty of cheap bungalows, hostels, nice bars and restaurants. If you prefer to sleep on the beach, then the Nature Beach Resort is a great place with clean and comfortable bungalows. It’s a bit pricy compared to other hotels, but it’s well worth it!

On Lonely Beach there are many monkeys who will rummage in your bag when you aren’t looking – so keep an eye on your possessions!

See and be seen at Lonely Beach on Koh ChangNorthern tip of Lonely Beach Koh Chang

6. Ban Laem Thakian (Amber Sands Beach)

The small beach of Ban Laem Thakian is located at the pier in the northeast, and is different from all the other beaches on Koh Chang. The sand is rough and has a beautiful brownish amber color. On the beach there are only three resorts – so it’s very exclusive and private.

The nightlife with all the restaurants and bars is far away, but if you are looking for peace and quiet, it can be a good reason to stay here. A slight downside is that this beach is right on the pier, so you can hear the ferries going back and forth throughout the day.

Stay at the Amber Sands Beach Resort, a small resort with only eight bungalows.

Ban Laem Thakian at Amber Sands Resort on Koh ChangBan Laem Thakian at Amber Sands Resort on Koh Chang

7. Klong Prao Beach

The white sandy beach Klong Prao Beach is located in a wonderful, long bay; which is perfect for romantic beach walks. Here you’ll find many cozy bars, eateries and middle class resorts.

The beach is divided into two by a lagoon which you can walk through. The seawater is shallow for the first two hundred meters, making it ideal for young children to swim in. It’s also a beautiful place to watch the sunset because of the view over the islands that lie on the coast.

On the lagoon you’ll find the Blue Lagoon, one of the island’s best places to stay. It’s also a great place to eat whilst sitting at the dock in the middle of the jungle.

The perfect refreshment at Klong Prao Beach on Koh Chang

8. White Sand Beach

White Sand Beach is the first beach you’ll encounter from the ferry. It’s also Koh Chang’s most visited beach.

This elongated beach is divided into two parts. The northern part is predominantly dominated by the White Sand Beach Resort with simple bungalows on the beach. This is a favorite spot for people who want to relax without too many frills and enjoy the sun, sea, and beach.

The southern part is busier, with many bars and restaurants where you can dine and enjoy the sunset. Nevertheless, it lacks the right atmosphere, so we only recommend it for eating – not for sleeping.

15 Palms is a cozy beach bar with beanbags, atmospheric lighting, cocktails, and great snacks.

Dining on the beach - White Sand Beach Resort on Koh ChangWhite Sand Beach Resort on Koh Chang

9. Bailan Beach

South of Lonely Beach is Bailan Beach, a small and super relaxed beach with a mix of sand and rocks. Besides a large resort and a beach bar there is not much else – but that’s exactly why you should go!

The Lisca Beach Bar is run by two Italians, making it a top spot to enjoy a pizza or pasta and grab some drinks. In the evening the candles are lit which creates an amazing atmosphere.

Looking for a special overnight stay? You can stay in a luxury tent with Airbnb right at the edge of the bay and sleep underneath the palm trees. Not yet a member of Airbnb? Then click here for $ 38 off your first booking!

Chilling at Lisca Beach on Koh Chang

10. Aunchaleena Beach

We round off this top ten with a very special, and also creepy beach: Aunchaleena Beach.

This beach is located on the property of an abandoned resort, also known as the ‘Ghost Resort’. There are many decayed boathouses that once served as luxury hotel rooms. Some boats have been ‘renovated’ sort of, and are being rented once again. However, we still don’t understand why anyone would want to stay here.

You can also find “The Galaxy” here, an enormous fake cruise ship that used to be a sparkling hotel twenty years ago. The ‘ship’ is on the verge of collapse, although we heard from locals that there are still a few Thai families onboard living in cabins.

We found it all very strange, but also sad, as this place must have been really beautiful not too long ago.

The accompanying beach is still stunning, and as expected – also very quiet. The entrance fee is 100 baht, but you can also get there by kayak from Klong Kloi Beach to dodge the entrance fee.

Aunchaleena Beach on Koh ChangCruiseship The Galaxy - Aunchaleena Beach on Koh Chang

Best Hotels Koh Chang

Garden Resort, Koh Chang

Garden Resort - $$

This gorgeous resort is situated in a beautiful and quiet location near Kai Bae Beach. The bungalows are beautiful, clean and all lie around the swimming pool. There’s a small village with shops and restaurants nearby.

Klong Kloi Cottage, Koh Chang

Klong Kloi Cottage - $

These modest bungalows are situated in a quiet part in the south of Koh Chang. Somewhere to relax, not do anything and just enjoy the beach and sea view from your hammock. The nightlife center is a 10-minute ride away by taxi or motorbike.

Which beach on Koh Chang is your favorite?


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