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You can stop looking for the ultimate island paradise in Thailand – because we’ve found it for you! Allow us to introduce you to the island with the whitest sand beaches, fanciest resorts and the most beautiful landscape. Say hello to… Koh Kood!

Koh Kood: A hidden beauty

Koh Kood, also written as Koh Kut, is hidden in the far east of Thailand. Cambodia is just a stone’s throw away, while big brother Koh Chang and little sister Koh Mak lie north. It is a chic destination with luxury resorts built around beautiful beaches. You won’t find any backpackers here – but mostly wealthy, often Thai tourist who come from Bangkok for the weekend.

If you want to stay at Koh Kood, you have to be willing to pay the corresponding price tag. But you get what you pay for!

Cross the bridge to reach Bang Bao Bay in Koh KoodSiam Bay in Koh KoodClear Waters in Koh Kood

Only the best of the best

Koh Kood is like a cocktail that contains only the very best ingredients:

“White sandy beaches, palm trees, green mountains, exclusive resorts – not forgetting the hammocks and swings – shake well and serve with ice. Add an umbrella and enjoy!”

With such beautiful beaches you would expect decent amenities, but Koh Kood is a small-scale destination. There is no 7-Eleven or regular ATM on the island. All this has to do with its remote location: it is far from the mainland, as well as other more popular destinations in Thailand.

Why bother visiting Koh Kood if other beautiful islands are within easy reach?

Well… look at these photos and take a guess!

Klong Hin Beach in Koh KoodA palm treeBeach bumming, snorkeling and motor biking

Believe it or not, but we did not dodge any tourists to take these photographs – Koh Kood’s beaches are really that peaceful and gorgeous!

In Koh Kood you’ll have the beaches all to yourself. The west coast is blessed with sandy beaches, which could easily rank amongst ‘the world’s most beautiful beaches’. Our favorites include Ban Bang Bao Beach, Klong Hin Beach and Ao Noi Beach. So pack your beach gear, get on your motorbike and discover it for yourself!

Paradise Beach in Koh KoodAo Noi Beach in Koh KoodAo Jark Beach in Koh KoodShower under a waterfall

It’s not easy being in Koh Kood, there’s just so much to do: some lounging, a little swimming, some snorkeling, having a bite, go kayaking, reading a book, taking a nap, and repeat.

The island consists of 95% dense, green jungle. So if you need a break from the beaches, you can always explore the outdoors.

It’s awesome to check out some of the waterfalls. We found the Khlong Chao Waterfall to be the most beautiful, and it’s also quite easy to reach. Beneath the waterfall is a deep pool where you can swim, so take floaties along for the kids! There is even a rope where you can swing into the water just like Tarzan. Overall, Khlong Chao Waterfall is a great place for the whole family to spend a few hours.

Khlong Chao Waterfall in Koh Kood

For a little more adventure, take the motorbike to the Huang Nam Kaew Waterfall which is located in the middle of the jungle. To get there you have to drive over a challenging, unpaved dirt road for half an hour. Along the way you will come across two immense, ancient trees – which are well worth making a stop.

Eventually you’ll arrive at a plain with a large vegetable garden and, of course, a Thai restaurant! From there, it’s a short walk/climb to the waterfall where a refreshing jungle-shower awaits.

Sign to the Huang Nam Kaew Waterfall in Koh KoodThe 500 year old Makka Tree in Koh KoodHuang Nam Kaew Waterfall in Koh KoodA refreshing jungle showerKoh Kood: Paradise with a price tag

Despite the beautiful landscape and exotic beaches, Koh Kood is not a destination for everyone. The island is expensive, isolated and well… there’s not much to do.

Cozy restaurants? Nope. Nightlife? Don’t think so. Shopping? Err… what’s that?

However, you should not skimp on the price if you really want to enjoy Koh Kood. For a bungalow on the beach you’ll pay at least 2,000 – 3,000 per night. There are no secret, budget accommodations, so if Koh Kood is above your budget, then the neighboring island of Koh Chang is a great alternative.

But… if you’re looking for a peaceful and luxurious paradise, then Koh Kood is the place to be!

Fishing Village in northern Koh KoodBeautiful sunset in Koh KoodHot spots on Koh Kood

Surprisingly, our favorite place on Koh Kood is not located on the beach. Bann Makok is a true jungle hideaway located in the middle of the mangrove. There are a handful of cottages full of character built on scaffolds, and you can go kayaking to a deserted beach. Even if you don’t stay here, it’s extremely fun (and delicious!) to enjoy a lunch on the water.

Other hotspots:

Eat & Drink

  • View Point Café – For a beer and fries during sunset.
  • Sunset Bar – The only bar with club music for a drink in the evenings.
  • Relax House – The best Thai restaurant on the Island. A reservation is compulsory.
  • Chiang Mai Restaurant – Good restaurant with northern Thai food and gigantic (!) portions.
  • The Fisherman Hut – Hip restaurant with freshly-caught seafood grilled on the barbecue.
  • Chaiyo Restaurant – A grubby Thai restaurant with surprisingly tasty food.
  • Pizza & Pasta – Run by Italians who understand what good food is.


The Sunshine Resort - Koh KoodMariska van BrederodeCheers!Good to know

The best travel time for Koh Kood is the dry season from November to May. We do not recommend visiting Koh Kood during the rainy season (June to October), because the island is largely abandoned due to stormy weather and only a handful of resorts are open.

There is only one ATM on the island that allows you to withdraw with Visa cards (so not with Mastercard, American Express, Maestro or your regular debit card). The machine is often empty or out of service. Therefore, it’s advisable to take enough cash along from the mainland or Koh Chang.

If you’re out of cash, you can withdraw money with your credit card (not debit cards) at Siam Beach Resort, The Beach Natural Resort or A-Na-Lay Resort. You don’t have to be a guest there. Don’t forget to take your passport along for identification purposes.

The Viewpoint Cafe in Koh KoodGetting there

You can travel to Koh Kood via the Laem Sok pier, 22 kilometers southeast of Trat. From Bangkok, it takes about 5-6 hours to travel to Trat by bus. From the bus station, songthaews depart for Laem Sok. Trat also has its own airport.

Twice a day (10:45 AM and 2:20 PM) the Boonsiri catamaran departs to Ao Salad in Koh Kood. Travel time is approximately 1,5 hours. Tickets cost 500 baht per person and can be booked in advance through the 12GO.Asia website.

Speedboats depart during high season (December to May) and drop off passengers directly at the hotel pier. Travel time from Trat to Koh Kood is approximately 1,5 hours and costs 500 baht per person. The Bang Bao Boat is a speedboat that commutes between all islands in the archipelago. From Koh Chang to Koh Kood it’s about 30 minutes, and costs 900 baht per person.

The Koh Kood Princess departs once a day at 12:30 PM to Ao Salad on Koh Kood. Travel time is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes and tickets costs 350 baht per person. A transfer to your accommodation at Koh Kood is included. If you are traveling from Bangkok, we do not recommend that you use this option due to the departure time.

Bear in mind that during the rainy season (June to October) speedboats may capsize due to the high waves.

One of Koh Kood's heavenly beaches

Best Hotels Koh Kood

Dusita Resort, Koh Kood

Dusita Resort - $$

Beautiful bungalows in an oasis of green; Dusita Resort’s garden is breathtakingly beautiful and very spacious. Besides the perfectly manicured lawn and dozens of palm trees, this resort also has its own absolutely stunning beach; you’ve probably never seen water

Montana Bungalows, Koh Kood

Montana Bungalows - $$

This small-scale resort is run with love by a French family, which is noticeable in everything. Tastefully decorated, the bungalows are situated near Koh Kood’s most beautiful beach - Khlong Hin Beach. Montana only has 5 available bungalows, so you will have to make a reservation. You won’t regret it.

Can you see yourself on Koh Kood?


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