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Koh Lanta, oh Koh Lanta… we can’t get enough of your pure beauty! Even before you set foot on this beautiful island, you’ll understand what Koh Lanta’s biggest selling point is: it’s beaches! The coastline is bordered by countless beaches, each one more gorgeous than the next. So grab your swimwear and let’s go!

Ao Nuy Beach

What? This can’t be possible; it just can’t be!

Bewildered, I looked around, amazed at the spectacle before my eyes. Behind a leafy canopy a beautiful bay unfolded – perhaps the most beautiful bay I’ve ever seen. Say hello to Ao Nuy Beach!

Ao Nuy Beach in Koh LantaGreen, rolling hills with jet-black rocks surround a golden, sandy beach. I raced to the beach and splashed my bare feet in the emerald blue water. When I looked around, I realized that we had this beach completely to ourselves. Amazing!

With the exception of a cute restaurant, the beach is deserted. The restaurant itself is built completely from driftwood. Here we enjoyed a delicious Pad Thai that was clearly prepared with love.

So take my advice: even if you have very little time on Koh Lanta, you must, absolutely MUST visit Ao Nuy Beach!

Ao Nuy Beach in Koh LantaAo Nuy Beach in Koh LantaMu Koh Lanta National Park

At the southernmost tip of Koh Lanta you’ll find the Mu Koh Lanta National Park, with two gorgeous beaches that you shouldn’t miss. On the one side you have a pebble beach with great snorkeling. Directly on the opposite side you’ll find a golden, sandy beach where you can have a lovely swim or enjoy a good book.

You won’t have these beaches to yourself though! Dozens of monkeys call this place their home and got their hearts set on the contents of your bag. So be sure to keep all food and drink items hidden.

Mu Koh Lanta National ParkMu Koh Lanta National ParkOn a dazzlingly beautiful cliff between the two beaches stands a beautiful, white lighthouse. Climb to the top and enjoy the view on both beaches.

To visit the National Park, you must pay an entry fee of 200 baht per person (100 baht for children), plus 40 baht for your motorbike. But it’s totally worth it – even if it’s just for the views along the route. In addition, the budget travelers tend to stay away from the national park, which means you can enjoy the beaches at your leisure!

Mu Koh Lanta National ParkMu Koh Lanta National ParkKantiang Bay

One day we cruised along on our motorbike – until suddenly we saw this:

Katiang Bay in Koh LantaWe quickly made an U-turn to take in the view. This scenic strip of white sand with its immense green hills is Kantiang Bay, a wonderfully peaceful bay with plenty of cosy restaurants and bars.

Sunscreen, swimwear and a towel are all you need for an awesome day at the beach.

Drive your motorbike to the south where there are a number of restaurants with amazing views over the beach. As a bonus you also get an unforgettable sunset – what more could you want?!

Katiang Bay in Koh LantaKatiang Bay in Koh LantaDrinks at Toppy Bar in Koh LantaNorth of Kantiang Bay you can unwind at the Toppy Bar, with insane views of the islands landscape. Enjoy a fruit shake, unwind in one of the hammocks, swim in the pool or just relax.

Klong Khong Beach

Koh Lanta’s most laid-back beach is without a doubt Klong Khong Beach. Make no mistake: this is not a beach for swimming as there are enormous rocks on the coast. But the unique atmosphere on this beach more than makes up for it!

Chilled bars, lovely restaurants and guesthouses with bamboo huts are all available on Klong Khong. In the evenings it’s super cosy – as soon as the sun sets, the lanterns are switched on and the entire coastline is decorated with torches and red and yellow colored lights.

You won’t find club music or partygoers here. Just chilled music coming from the speakers while you relax on a hammock or lounge cushion.

Klong Khao Beach in Koh LantaKlong Khao Beach in Koh LantaKlong Khao Beach in Koh Lanta

At Klong Khong Beach you should definitely sleep at Bee Bee Bungalows, in one of the simple beach shacks with hammocks. A great place to eat is Sonya’s Restaurant, where you can enjoy freshly baked brown bread, pasta or godly lasagna.

Lasagna at Sonya Restaurant - Koh LantaBamboo Bay Beach

Want to experience Koh Lanta how it used to be decades ago? Then go to Bamboo Bay right before the National Park in the far south of the island. It’s a spectacular, unspoiled bay where you’ll only encounter a handful of tourists.

Bamboo Bay Beach in Koh LantaWe stayed here for a week at Baan Phu Lae Bungalows.

During your stay at these bungalows you can have a delicious breakfast on the beach. The atmosphere is good but the location is a bit remote.

So make sure that your motorbike is ready so that you can explore the island. You can rent motorbikes directly at the Saladan Pier, and it’s about 45 minutes ride from the north to the south side of the island.

Baan Phu Lae in Koh LantaBaan Phu Lae in Koh LantaKoh Lanta Old Town

Lastly, we must tell you about Koh Lanta Old Town!

On the west coast there are no beaches, but you’ll find an authentic village where you can enjoy delicious food and enjoy spectacular views of the sea.

Koh Lanta Old Town
Photo credit: INflowmotionEnjoying some Khao Soy in Koh Lanta Old Town

Getting there

Koh Lanta is located on the coast of Krabi and is accessible by ferry from Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, Krabi, Ao Nang and the Trang Islands. Information regarding departure and arrival times of the ferry can be found here.

From June to October it is the rainy season on Koh Lanta. Some hotels and restaurants close their doors, so it can be very quiet on the island. The sea can be turbulent, and there are many days with heavy rainfall. Fortunately, there are also many sunny days in between which can be wonderful – so it’s not all that bad!

Best Hotels Koh Lanta

Coco Lanta Eco Resort, Koh Lanta

Coco Lanta Eco Resort - $$

The Coco Lanta Resort is right on the beach and has a lovely garden swimming pool. The rooms are clean, modern and air conditioned. This beach resort has got – in our opinion – the island’s best price/quality ratio.

Lanta Castaway Beach Resort, Koh Lanta

Lanta Castaway Beach Resort - $$

Situated south of Long Beach, in central Koh Lanta, Castaway has an amazing beach right out front. The rooms are excellent and the place just has a really nice vibe; you’ll know what we mean once you stayed there yourself!

Want to read more about Koh Lanta? Check out our Destination Guide for Koh Lanta with all our tips for hotels, sights, restaurants and much more!


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