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If you’re up for an altogether different night out, then visit Chiang Mai’s very own Ladyboy Cabaret! Expect an evening of over the top glitz & glam, fabulous, glittering costumes and sing-alongs to classic pop songs by artists such as Lady Gaga and ABBA!

This was the best night out we’ve had in Thailand… EVER! Whether it was the hilariously over the top dance steps, the singing along to the really tacky pop songs or the sexual jokes and innuendos, both of us had an absolute blast. The Ladyboy Cabaret’s professional performers are loud and proud; and so they should be! Mick Jagger himself couldn’t hold a candle to some of these ladies’ dance moves. Even Sander, who initially had his doubts, was clapping and singing along by the end of the evening.

Ladyboy cabaret in Chiang Mai

Going on the spur of the moment and without too many expectations, we were led into the bar on the arm of a VERY striking lady. The venue was packed, with only a few free seats at the table near the stage. Feeling a little uncomfortable, we took our seats and had a look around. The audience was a mix of young, old, men and women – which put us slightly more at ease.

After a drum roll the curtain lifted and we saw these beautiful ladies, in their stunning costumes, dancing along and lip-synching to the music. The show was incredibly varied: from energetic Britney Spears impersonators gyrating on stage to a low-key performance of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”, which depicted the struggles that many ladyboys had to face.

Halfway through the show I really had to go to the bathroom. The “lady” on stage immediately spotted her opportunity and in no time she’d put herself on Sander’s lap, after which she enthusiastically gave him a passionate lap dance. Sander doesn’t really want to talk it about anymore, but I can assure you it was an unforgettable night!

Ladyboy cabaret in Chiang Mai

Location & ticket prices Ladyboy Cabaret

The Ladyboy Cabaret performs every evening at 9:30 in a bar on Anusan Market in Chiang Mai. The entrance fee is 290 baht per person and includes a free drink. The “waitresses” would very much appreciate a tip, so take a few 20 baht notes along. You’ll have the night of your life!

Ladyboy cabaret in Chiang Mai

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Will you visit the Ladyboy Cabaret Show – or have you already been?


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