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Phuket is a beach bummer’s paradise with over 30 white sandy beaches, stunning tropical greenery and a heavenly climate. Most of them are well developed, which means that in between tanning sessions you can enjoy exotic water sports like snorkeling, jet-skiing and paragliding. So grab your bathing suit and enjoy the 3 most popular beaches in Phuket!

1. Patong Beach

You can’t mention Phuket without mentioning Patong Beach. This is by far the most popular beach in Phuket, maybe even in all of Thailand.

See-and-be-seen is what it’s all about here.

Countless jet skis and speedboats adorn the horizon, everyone lies on the beach wearing next to nothing, and an enormous cruise ship delivers a shipload of wealthy people from Singapore once a week.
Patong Beach is a paradise for those who love nightlife, naughty little streets and luxury resorts. The beach is really unsuitable for families with children. We hardly came across any backpackers here either.

Even though Patong Beach isn’t our favorite part of Phuket, we can understand why tourists like coming here. Shopping malls, good international restaurants, world-renowned hotel chains, crazy nightlife, and a long beach with a sunset every night. Everything in Patong is over the top. You can easily spend a fortune here!

Crowds at Patong Beach - PhuketPatong Beach from a distance - Phuket

2. Kata Beach

Several kilometers south of Patong Beach you’ll find Kata Beach: a beautiful, one-and-a-half-kilometer long beach that attracts a diverse crowd.

There’s a lot going on; you can get on a jet ski, go parasailing or take a ride on a banana boat. But the atmosphere is a little more relaxed than on Patong Beach, which makes it slightly more attractive to families.

You’ll find a surprising amount of nice restaurants with good food around Kata Beach. We ate at the Family Restaurant for example, where they serve the most delicious Thai dishes, as well as at the Istanbul Restaurant. A delicious change from all the Thai dishes!

Parasailing at Kata Beach - PhuketIsland in front of Kata Beach - Phuket

3. Kamala Beach

Kamala Beach, north of Patong Beach, is the base camp for families with children, couples and pensioners who want to enjoy a carefree beach holiday.
Even though it’s one of Phuket’s most popular beaches, there’s more than enough room for your beach towel beneath one of the many palm trees. As long as you make sure it doesn’t have any coconuts!
This is the best way to spend your days! It’s the calmest option among Phuket’s three most popular beaches.

Watching the sunset from the Vanilla Sky Bar & Lounge is a must-do, with an incredible view of Kamala Beach!

Besides it’s beaches Phuket has many more awesome sights!

Kamala Beach on PhuketKamala Beach on Phuket

Good to know:

The best time for a beach holiday in Phuket is November to April. The sky is clear, the sea is calm and the water is almost transparent. It’s peak season, however, so it will be very busy.

May to October is quieter in Phuket and rates for tours and accommodations are lower than during the high season. The sea and weather are more unpredictable this time of the year, which means that  some beaches may suddenly seem a lot less heavenly.

You also need to take into account the strong current and waves during this period. On the more popular beaches, they indicate (with flags) whether it’s safe to swim.

The locals are sure about one thing: Phuket is at its most beautiful during the rainy season (May to October). It’s a lot less crowded, nature is green and vivid, the waterfalls spring back to life and the beaches are a lot quieter!

Best Hotels Phuket

Clear House Resort, Phuket

Clear House Resort - $$

Light and pleasant rooms, a beautiful swimming pool out front and the beach – Kamala Beach make the Clear House Resort a really nice hotel for a great price. Spacious family rooms are also available. We love it out here!

The Nap Patong, Phuket

The Nap Patong - $$$

A gorgeous hotel with all of the modern facilities you could wish for. The staff is always ready to help and Patong Beach is only a 5-minute walk away. This hotel’s central location makes it an ideal place from where to start exploring the rest of the island.

Prefer a more quiet beach? Click here to check out Phuket’s Secret Beaches!


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