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Feeling adventurous? And are you in the Krabi area? Then grab a kayak and peddle your way trough the mangrove forest of Tha Lane Bay! With its stunning rock formations, wildlife and natural beauty, this is an amazing activity for the entire family. And a great way to get some exercise in as well!

There we were, getting out of the taxi in busy and touristy Ao Nang, packed and ready to go. And as luck would have it, it happened to be the Chinese New Year. That meant Ao Nang had been completely run over by tourists and that literally every hotel was booked solid!

After a two hour search in the searing heat, we ended up in a room without a window, just outside of the center. If you don’t like moldy rooms and scores of cockroaches, then don’t go there…

Tha Lane Bay

Staying in the room longer than an hour wasn’t an option, so we decided to look for something fun to do (oh, how terrible!). We booked a very cheap kayak tour for 500 Thai Baht per person, transport and snacks included. Great price! We didn’t really have high expectations, however.

The next morning we were picked up in a jeep, which then proceeded to be crammed full of tourists. Full in Thailand is never full enough. There’s always room for something or someone else. Despite the many people in the jeep, we loved the ride and came across views like these:

Thalane Bay Villa: not a shabby place to spend the night
Not too shabby, right?

Kayaking at Tha Lane Bay

After receiving excellent instructions (not!) as many as 30 boats entered the water. Splashing about in our kayaks, we all followed the only two tour guides (was that why it was so cheap?) who, unsurprisingly, were having a lot of trouble overseeing everything.

We decided to lag behind a little. We wanted to have the feeling of being alone in nature. It was absolutely gorgeous!

Having fun Kayaking Tha Lane Bay in KrabiTha Lane Bay's landscape is simply stunningThe narrow mangrove waterways were a lot of fun - Tha Lane Bay in Krabi

Mangrove Forest Tha Lane Bay

Tha Lane Bay’s mangrove forest, undoubtedly, was the highlight of the tour. Especially because, at that point, we were behind the group again, so we felt that we were completely alone and had the forest all to ourselves.

Well, not quite. Here and there, we came across some monkeys and water monitors!

Curious monkeys were on the lookout - Tha Lane Bay in KrabiA water monitor at Tha Lane Bay in Krabi; don't worry, they are harmless

Half day trip

A half day trip will give you a good impression of the natural beauty that surrounds Krabi. It was quite busy, but as always in Thailand it’s up to you how you deal with that. We decided to stay behind to make sure we could look around at our own pace.

Before going on the kayak tour, you’ll receive a dry bag for all your valuables. Pretty handy in case you want to take a camera that isn’t waterproof.

Swimming vests are available for everyone as well and the tour is also suitable for kids. Each kayak can carry up to 3 people, so children don’t have to go alone. All in all, you’ll be paddling about for a couple of kilometers, making this half day trip manageable for just about anybody!

You can book tours to Tha Lane Bay anywhere in Ao Nang, though prices differ. You’ll pay between 500 and 800 Thai Baht per person. A great trip for an adventurous day out, that’s what we think at least!

Queuing up at Tha Lane Bay in Krabi

Best Hotels Krabi & Ao Nang

Ban Sainai Resort, Krabi

Ban Sainai Resort - $$

We believe Ban Sainai Resort is the pearl of Krabi. It’s a wonderful resort with different (family) bungalows. The outdoor pool is a great perk, as are the resort’s employees, who were some of the friendliest and most attentive we’ve come across!

Rambuttri Village, Krabi

Rambuttri Village - $$$

Luxurious Beyond Resort Krabi is Krabi’s tropical paradise. It has a private beach, an outdoor swimming pool, a gym and a restaurant. The rooms have modern interiors and come with views of the garden, the swimming pool or the sea.

Will you be kayaking in Thailand?


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