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Temples, tuk-tuks, Thai massages… sound familiar? Any frequent visitor of Thailand won’t escape the following 33 typically Thai things. Which ones have you already experienced? Let us know!

1. A Thai massage on the sidewalk;
2. Walking around the 7-Eleven (because of the air conditioning);
3. Eating incredibly sweet banana pancakes;
4. Biking through Bangkok;
5. Island hopping in the south;

Island hopping is a thing in Thailand

6. Visiting Bangkok’s most beautiful temples;
7. Going on a multiple-day jungle trek and sleeping in the homes of locals;
8. Celebrating the Thai New Year, Songkran, with a massive water gun;
9. Travel in third class by bus or train among the locals and rattling fans;
10. Drink buckets of alcohol during the Full Moon Party;

What bucket do you choose? - Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan

11. Racing through the narrow streets of Bangkok in a tuk-tuk;
12. Visit a Thai boxing match and sit among the locals;
13. Eat like a local: SPICY!
14. Crossing the Chao Phraya River by boat;
15. Going on a motorbike adventure;

Going on a motorbike adventure on Koh Chang

16. Wearing the same clothes, day in day out (flip-flops, harem pants, and a shirt);
17. Traveling from Bangkok to Chiang Mai on the sleeper train;
18. Being tossed around inside of a minivan;
19. Testing the best beer: Chang, Leo or Singha?
20. Washing happy elephants in an animal-friendly elephant reserve;

Washing elephants at Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai

21. Complaining about the heat;
22. Haggling on the price of cheap souvenirs;
23. Eating durian on the local market;
24. Struggling with squat toilets and hose drenches;
25. Taking the time to watch the sunset;

Watching the sunset at Railay Beach in Krabi

26. Eating ridiculously cheap street food on the sidewalk;
27. Greeting and thanking the locals in poor Thai;
28. Getting scammed by taxi or tuk-tuk drivers;
29. Strolling along Khao San Road;
30. Drinking from an ice cold coconut on a tropical beach;

I was just sipping on something sweet

31. Getting talked into buying a tailor-made suit in Bangkok;
32. Deciphering the wifi-password (1234567890);
33. Getting sunburned because you underestimated the Thai afternoon sun.

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How many typical Thai things have you managed to cross off your bucket list?


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  • Avatar for Sander Anna says:


    So… is it wise to rent a motorbike and hit the road?

    No, it isn’t, especially if you don’t have a motorcycle license. Motorbikes in Thailand are way more powerful than most other countries. In The Netherlands (where we are from) they max out at 50 cc, while in Thailand it’s about 125 cc. So basically, you’ll be riding a far more powerful motorbike, without insurance.

    15. Going on a motorbike adventure;

    Het avontuur. De vrijheid. Het landschap. Wij vinden scooter rijden in Thailand fantastisch. Je komt op plekken waar je normaal gesproken niet zou komen, die jij net hebt ontdekt.


    Nice website but wondering about your view on motorbiking in Thailand:

    It is not wise to rent a motorbike AND it is on your must experience list.
    So ……..??????


    • Avatar for Sander Mariska says:

      Hi Anna,

      Renting a motorbike is always a risk, so it is up to you if you are willing to take it. Personally, we are willing to take that risk because it provides a lot of freedom; but we totally understand it if you are not. A good second option is renting a car with full insurance from an international company, like Hertz or Avis – which we have been doing now for the past 3 weeks. It is far less dangerous, legal with an international driving licence, and more comfortable too 🙂 .

      Have a great trip!

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